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Friday, May 10, 2013 7:43:18 PM
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Friday, May 10, 2013 7:53:26 PM


For my wife Nancy on our 16th wedding Anniversary

Written, Recorded, Performed, and Produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2013 APR Music Publishing LLC.

I Wish
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © 2013 APR Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP)
Verse(C-Am-F-G (F-G) Bridge[Am-G]-[F-G-C-Am] Chorus[F-G-C-Am] (F-G)

I wish could write you a love song
to say the things I'd like to say
I wish I could sing you a melody
to share what I feel for you every day

I wish I could paint you a picture
of how beautiful you are
I wish I could make you a movie
in it you would be the star

I wish I could write you a sonnet
about how much your love means to me
I wish I could build you a palace
that everyone in the world could see

I wish I could find the right words
to share with you from my heart
I wish I knew how to tell you
you have been great right from the start

you've always been wise
honest and fair
Behind your blue eyes
you have always been there
always quick with a smile
with a hug or a kiss
you've been my best friend
you are my perfect Miss

I wish I could write you a love song
I wish I could write you a love song
I wish I could write you a love song

you know I think I just did
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