Steve BonaccorsiFriday Night (Let's Dance)
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Monday, August 19, 2013 2:03:48 AM
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015 10:58:48 PM
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Written, Performed and Recorded by Steve Bonaccorsi

Well it’s Friday Night
We’re gonna dance tonight
I got you in my sight
Let’s dance

Well I feel the beat
It’s pumpin’ through my feet
Come on get off your seat
Let’s dance

You should know, that you just found
The one to put your arms around and float away.
You can just pretend to be, the someone who’s in love with me,
And we’ll just play.

Well it’s Friday night
If you play your cards right
Well you just might
Dance with me.

So get on the floor
Back away from that door
Come and take my tour
Let’s dance.

I’m right here, just look at me
Cause I’m the one you’re sure to be, crazy for.
Step inside, I’m open wide, let me be the one you tried
And wanted more.

Well it’s Friday night
And my clothes are tight
I know I’m in your sight
Let’s dance.

You’re standing there but I don’t know
Will you stay, or will you go, when it’s all done.
You could be alone with me, just say the word that
Makes me see, that you’re the one.

It’s Friday night ...

© Steve Bonaccorsi 2013. All Rights Reserved
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"charmin', easygoing musicality, catchy beats, guitar..." po(t)pouri

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