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Hey Rose, behind those stones and rocks! A boisterous blues rocker with a Gothic flavour (remaster)

by Cary Kembla

They see you clutching it close
So tight your knuckles turn red
The baker eyed it good when you came in for your bread
It’s got a carved wooden top
Lined with a trimming of lead
The banker saw two ruby eyes set in a gargoyle’s head
Hey Rose, against your black lace frocks
Hey Rose, they’d like to know a lot
What have you got in that box?

What makes you guard what’s inside?
Is it the words of a spell
The teacher brooded as he tolled the schoolyard bell
And tossing, turning one night
But which one he could not tell
The preacher dreamt it was the keys to Heaven and Hell
Hey Rose, beneath those chains and locks
Hey Rose, you sure got them in a spot
What have you got in that box?

Near tombstones deep in the woods
You placed its lid on the ground
The farmer saw a faint glow just as he finished his rounds
His wife crept up to look
But soon came shaking back down
It’s not even midnight yet and it’s all over town
Hey Rose, behind those stones and rocks
Hey Rose, before they lose the plot
What have you got in that box?
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