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Friday, January 24, 2014 1:11:22 PM
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016 6:55:47 PM
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Cup of Joe


little bird is a true story of hope. I was truly inspired by Joe D'Angelo sharing his tale of a tiny bird he found and ferverently tried to find help for. I had to sing this story. After many failed calls, giving all he had to give he brought little bird to Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary. Some time later Joe received a call that his little bird was set free. One live studio take with Joe D'Angelo, guitar and Pete Premo, djembe and we are sharing this beautiful story of hope.

denise cascione vocals
Joe D'Angelo guitar, vocals
Pete Premo djembe
Recorded live at Starfleet Audio with Brad Pierce
Copyright 2013 denise cascione

Song Comments

Cup of Joe
cup of joe digs the fine groove of DC and her group. sweet vibe

soulful vocal, beautiful guitar, storytellin', aces...

jazzy ode to "a little bird", rockin' band, sparklin' vocal, storytellin'...

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