Andrew Davis IIRNC (Featuring Mikkey Halsted)
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Monday, November 03, 2014 5:59:36 PM
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Monday, November 03, 2014 6:01:33 PM
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ADII brings "RNC" featuring the legendary Mikkey Halsted. This hard hitting track blends elements of rock and rap to bring a new sound to the hip hop game.

Here's a toast to the haters, what a waste of liquor/ You try to thank 'em, they some unappreciative n****s/ Send a bottle to 'em, they could use the vice/ Drink away the pain, forget this whole night/ Now why is it assumed that I'm being sarcastic?/ When I say to haters: "You the secret to my magic"?/ Huh? I'm giving credit where the credit's due/ I don't hate you, I anticipate you/ I premeditate moves, next step ahead or two/ Calculated chess moves, nah hold up, I check you/ You ain't at all tough, you poker-facing boy/ See I call your bluff, now peep my royal flush/ Dirt on my shoulder? Pass the royal brush/ Now we walk upon rose petals, just a floral touch/ Now I call this toast for the crew that ball the most/ Raise your glasses high, it's goodbye to the nice guy/

Here's a toast to all the luxuries we volunteered to live without/ To get to where we stand now, and with the right shine/ Our roots grow strong, the green grows just fine/ mow that lawn up boy/ See we passed on all the ice and chains and dumb bling/ We rolled the dice and played focused on one thing/ Yup! Jackpot without a crack pot/ No police siren, no Matlock/ Not us officer, nah, our money clean/ We let them get fat, we kept our diet lean/ Now look how we're eating, look at my n***a here/ I bet you can't recall the last time you skipped a meal/ ...and f**k the artificial flavoring/ Everything we placed on a plate, we had to keep it real/ And now we call this toast for the crew that ball the most/ Raise your glasses high, say goodbye to the nice guy/

This is real n***a church...bow your head/ Thank God I survived situations where most n****s wound up dead/ And if you from where I'm from, I'm just preaching to the choir/ Living on the south side of hell, where police hold your feet to the fire/ Go on and pass the plate, you know pastor gotta eat to/ It's just my taste is expensive, that's why I'm out here slaving like a Hebrew/ While they shootin' like Hedo Turkoglu, shorties ain't got no curfew/ Can't read or write but they'll murk you, talk to me/ Came from nothing, made a way, shouts to the people who paved a way/ Every move I made n****s tried to block so perfected my fade away/ Worked on my game while n****s was balling, hitting the mall and, women calling/ Now I'm on the top, where the hell is all them? Summer all year here where is autumn?/ Toast to the haters, break out the cheap sh*t, Mad Dog or that Wild Irish Rose/ Sh*t, they don't deserve that, you can save the rosé for the h**s/ Pour the Henney for the dead, hold your cups up quite high/ Everybody one time for Halsted - say goodbye the nice guy/
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Hood Tales
ADII-RNC bring a strong Rock fill on this one. Perfect for those moments when you feel like getting bent! Smoke Dat!

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