Ted LehmanWasting the Day Away
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Monday, December 08, 2014 2:20:48 PM
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There's nothin' wrong with chillin'... what can I say? It's just a fact. Don't let anybody tell ya no different...

Written, recorded, performed and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2014 APR Music Publishing LLC

Wasting the Day Away
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © 2014 APR Music Publishing LLC
([G-C]D) 2x

Aint nothin' wrong with chillin'
when the mind and the body aint willin'
there is something very fulfillin'
bout wasting the day away

maybe I should go fishin'
let my mind and my body stop bitchin'
seeing the dreams I've been wishin'
just wasting the day away

eating chips, getting salt on my lips
an ice cold beer that wants to be sipped
I know there's nothing better than this
wasting the day away

nothing wrong with sitting on my butt
looking over my expanding gut
there are some folks who call that a rut
wasting the day away

why do we always have do something
what's wrong with just doing nothing
for me nothing is something
wasting the day away

[G-C] 2x Em-D-G-C

wasting the day away
wasting the day away
I love to let my mind wander
wasting the day away

Bridge 1
[F-C-G] 2x F-C[G-C]

The best laid plans of mice and men
can always be started over again
you are no good to no one else
if you are not gonna be good to yourself

Bridge 2
don't believe what the nay Sayers say
wasting the day away is OK
don't believe what the nay Sayers say
wasting the day away is OK
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