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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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This is a song about stupidity and the regret that follows.

Hammond B3, bass guitar and mixing performed by Jamie Lang.

Black & Blue

I’m wand’rin’ down a highway,
My thumb out in the cold.
The weariness of wanderin’
Is getting’ pretty old, yes.
I didn’t see it coming,
A forgotten memory.
I was finished with the past,
But it wasn’t done with me, I guess.

The sun is sinkin’ down.
I feel like I am sinkin’ too.
I was just messin’ ‘round,
never meant to hurt you.

What was I thinkin’ about?
What the hell was I tryin’ to do?
I’m a damn fool.
What was I tryin’ to prove?
How could I turn my back on you?
What did I do?

(Lead guitar solo)

Getting’ off this highway,
off the lonely road. Cuz this feelin’
Sorry for my-self is getting old,
Uh huh.

What can I say to you,
I haven’t said before?
Don’t shed no tears for me,
I won’t hurt you no more.

What was I mad about, and why did I
Take it out on you? What did I do?
I know you’ll never take me back,
‘Cause Baby your heart is black and blue.
What do I do now?
Song Comments

Unique Voices
this guy has a legendary voice

eYe 3 previous I wonder picks of Bryon T
Holy mofu this song is killa such a happening guitar and huge power packed hammond vibe .just a great driving rocker from a guy with a kick ass vox . Superb production great instrumentation and one that makes you go WOW!

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