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Friday, May 29, 2015 4:12:15 AM
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Friday, May 29, 2015 4:12:36 AM
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Low Hanging Fruit
I Like Strange. ~M~
Missing The Beatles?


Horn intro sets the theme. A lighthearted bluesy base-line set to a shuffle/march. Many orchestral, layered parts. A trip out to the cosmos on one chord finishes the ride, with a Miles Davis-like horn leading pied piper style.

Joel Beaupre solo effort: words/music/recording

Thinking of those that tune in, turn on, and drop out but can't drop back in.
Do not pass Go do not collect $200, your score card reads that you're way over par. If you slide through life like a sluggish chameleon, you'll have to pay your tab at the Milky Way bar, in primordial tar. Like a light shining far, you're alone, lonely star. If you ride a horse of a different color, you'll find out just who your true friends are. If you keep on tripping to a false mandala, don't expect your friends to want to travel to far, to where you are. Shine shining far, you're alone, lonely star! Below the radar, shining shining far, you're alone, lonely star!
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I Like Strange. ~M~

Missing The Beatles?
Great Tune! -M-

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