Father TimeMiss Wills' Frustration
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Great solos


the scary tale of a 4th grader's dealings with a crazy teacher

The first time that I saw her rage, it wasn't me that did the crime
I erased the blackboard good just like she told me to
but a curly-headed kid named Charlie wrote all over it again
in time for her to come back into the room
and with a look I'd never seen before
Soon I was peeking in thru the window
and wonderin' 'bout why she made me stand outside the door
My heart stopped when I saw her pull it down from its hanging spot
That giant wooden paddle
Yeah, she gave me her forget-me-not

I was the victim of Miss Wills' frustration
I was the one who just happened to be there when she snapped
I was the scapegoat for her situation
It was a bum rap

The next time she let out her anger, it was just another schoolyard fight
Then 4 of us motley guys lined up to take her wrath
That time, she didn't whuup me quite as hard, I guess cause there were witnesses
but a funny thing did happen
Rusty ran down the hall before Miss Wills could ream his ass
out the backdoor to the playground
and none of us ever saw him run so fast
She went to see where he was goin'
but poor Rusty disappeared into the woods
When he showed up the next day
I was sure that he'd get it good

but he was no victim of Miss Wills' frustration
She let him off the hook, I guess, cause she liked his fear
Yeah, he never did receive his flagellation
There was no justice here

It was a symptom of Miss Wills' frustration
when she made up crazy lies to tell my mom
Did she feel she needed justification ?
4th grade was Vietnam

The third time she let out her pain, well I almost deserved it then
for running backwards in the compulsory May Day race
embarrassed her in front of the teachers, me and Ralph made a big mistake
She made him stand around the corner
so he couldn't see the kind of torment she could bring
and she gave it to me 10 times
counting right along but it was shouting more than anything
For a second she just lost it
like she was locked in a spanking loop
I was bawling like a baby
Looking back I never did regroup

I was a victim of Miss Wills' Frustration
Ralph told me later she only hit him twice
Not me, I learned humiliation
My ass a sacrifice
Song Comments

An old favourite of mine..Probarbly the first song of FT's i heard on the old mp3.com..Its mix of delightfully childish witty indignation, childlike lofi melody n cool rythmic delivery still sounds really fresh n free-spirited to me...

Great solos
The organ solo on this is so hauntingly beautiful, it's wild and wacky too!

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