Father TimeJesus or the Devil
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Wednesday, September 02, 2015 3:24:40 PM
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Wednesday, September 02, 2015 3:25:45 PM
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Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
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true story about a visit to the 4 corners region of the US.

Saw a shadow walking straight across the night sky
A little voice told me that this was no hitchhike
In the middle of the highway crossin' over the white line
a woman defiant, starin' at my headlights

She wasn't gonna move, car couldn't get around her
It happened so fast that even now I wonder
Car swerved past, by a miracle we missed her
Time stood still in the eye of a twister

Here I am drivin' half lost
thru a town where trouble won't let you go by
Hope I find my way out

Late night chase scene winds around the river
An unknown someone, the presence made me shiver
A white van passes, but then it pulls over
Another confrontation, this time it was not her

I can't calm down now not as hard as I try
Saw Jesus or the Devil standing by the roadside
He held out his hand as he looked into my mind's eye
Out in oblivion, golly how the time flies

I heard a strange voice emergin' thru the static
Believin' what he said, it was almost automatic
For such a long ride, it was over in minutes
A great conversation, but I wasn't in it

I can't calm down now still feel his vibrations
Heard Jesus or the Devil on an FM station
Commercials came on, I was losin' my patience
Drivin' along in suspended animation

Wide eyes glued open so long
I've been wonderin' if I'm gonna be able to sleep
Got to check in somewhere

I can't calm down now, can't remember quite why
Jesus or the Devil was standin' by the roadside
His highbeams were flashin' at us after we drove by
thru the rear view mirror, like he was sayin' Goodbye
Song Comments

talkin' blues, 'half lost, strange voice emergin' thru the static,' like the narrative, immersed in the story, in tradition robert johnson, and memphis slim...

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
a really nice one here by Father Time(one of my all "Time" favorites)... It is Cool, rather Psychotic, and pretty damn Mesmerizing too. -M-

a really nice one here by Father Time. -M-

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