Father TimeWhich One?
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Mortamor's Melodic Morsels
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Time to sing a song about a heart as it turns to stone
You're one of the most complicated girls I've ever known
I tell you about my feelings, you listen to your own
Without me you're the princess who doesn't have a throne
I really like the one who cares when we are all alone
but when other folks come into it, you take a different tone
Which one, which one is the real you ?

It used to be so different but I helped you to be
the matriarch of our whole scene but that came back on me
The assholes really hated that we had such unity
Eventually they wore you down, the change was clear to see
You knew you had me locked, but then you lost the key
You wanted everyone instead, forget about FT
so which one, which one is the real you ?

I wish that it was easier to totally turn my back
but when it comes to you my head is totally out of whack
Right now I am so torn, I don't know how to act
When you start up with your bullshit well guess what, I blow my stack
I'm sure that you will take this song as an attack
but holding out from venting is a skill you know I lack
Which one, which one?

You and I together yeah, we made a greater force
Fringe benefit you got to be the one FT adores
You took it all for granted from up on your high horse
and when you take a crap on me you're feeling no remorse
You're playin all your games, were you playin' me of course
You played not taking sides so much that now I'm not on yours
Which one, which one is the real you ?
Well now I know, now I know there is no real you

At last I got my proof today, the end has finally come
Your goons they went and spelled it out, you sure do pick em dumb
You told all kinds of lies, hey where'd you get that from
Guess you saw your man in action, it seems he taught you some
You are so full of shit, how could you be such 2-faced scum ?
and all my hardest thoughts were right, the truth just leaves me numb
Now I know Now I know x
Song Comments

Mortamor's Melodic Morsels
Damn, Father Time... sounds like quite a rough go of it here... speaking of "sounds"... this song to me DEFINITELY "sounds" like a case of the "Blues"... and yet the "musical sounds" come across more as "Country/Rock"(in the vein of Johnny Cash)... nicely done! -M-

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