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Monday, October 12, 2015 5:02:35 AM
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Monday, October 12, 2015 5:04:50 AM
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This is a song about having recently moved to Los Angeles as a band.

Casey Dayan; Jesse Holsapple; Brendan Mcqueeney, DJ Johnathump & the EDM ensemble; Santa Claus; Ted Bundy

Cut to an empty kitchen,
Highland Park, LA:
another stab at being born again.

But born again to what, I wonder,
rinsing grimy plates, the remnants of a
flat-head to open up a tuna can,

Oh my, my, my . . .

A stag-in-between stage,
like an adolescent age,
I think of Jimmy Page at bandcamp, yeah,

A later-torn-out page,
below minimum wage,
forget getting paid,
alright, ok . . .


A thousand patchwork misfits
sardine into a little room,
all hail the glory of the open mic.

We're pretty sure that each of us
is headed somewhere soon,
after just a few more empty-kitchen hero's nights,

oh well . . .

A stage-in-between stage,
something meek inside a cage,
something stored until it's aged and ripe and good.

Got no backup plans in case,
I loose my footing in this race,
even though I know, I know, I should.

Is that you in the front row,
across from me?
Is that you in the front row,
falling asleep?

Oh my, my, my . . .
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they got the stuff
lyrical trip that makes ya think.

ouch! ...whew ...really nice though.

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