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Friday, October 23, 2015 8:13:06 AM
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 3:04:20 AM
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^^Moods For All Seasons^^
Over The Moon Two
Music Lovers


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Artist: Luckysolo (Lachezar Nikolov)
Composer: Luckysolo (Lachezar Nikolov)
Music: Luckysolo (Lachezar Nikolov)
Voice: Petya Abadzhieva
Copyright: Lachezar Nikolov and Petya Abadzhieva

Song Comments

^^Moods For All Seasons^^
lush strings, in interplay with a clarinet, or pocket trumpet, a french accent (or in the neighborhood lol), impressive build, well produced, kudos...

Music Lovers
"lush and dramatic strings, wild clarinet-y thang, a sonic tapestry, w hushed, intense vox, stellar dynamics, well produced, kudos..."

Over The Moon Two
Fascinating track - wish I could understand the language - love the way the track builds - classic ballad feel.

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