Freddy Fudd PuckerDon't Fail Me Now
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Monday, October 26, 2015 7:25:59 AM
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Monday, October 26, 2015 7:32:18 AM
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Don't Fail Me Now is the second single to be released from Freddy Fudd Pucker's new album, Hourglass Wine, available on vinyl, CD or download. Physical formats come with a 16 page graphic booklet hand drawn by Freddy. Order here: or from iTunes, etc.

Watch the music video featuring 120 hand drawn images by Freddy himself here:

Don't Fail Me Now opens with the lines “They would have had your tongue cut out, had you not already done it yourself with your rusty scissors made from Sunday's papers, singin' Mother Superior, hear me, don't fail me now.” The song is possibly a comment on the self-censorship of one's instinctual moral compass in order to navigate modern society in the western world. Much like the album it belongs to, the song maybe asks more questions than it answers. Humankind seems to forever claim to have direction in its step. Yet war, slavery and injustice are are both the ingredients and byproducts of everyday conveniences and the very earth we all share is being destroyed at a seemingly perpetual rate. To live in modern western civilization is to be confused. Perhaps Freddy is just attempting to give that confusion a melody.

Lyrics and music by Tom Young

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they got the stuff
melodic big soundin' record.

eYe 2
Strange but cool moniker. Real upbeat energy laden vibe. catchy and bright driving rhythmic song. love the dont fail me now . well produced. love the listen.

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