zeman ruckusDon't Give it Away
Alternative Retro and PsychedelicHyperLink
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Monday, November 30, 2015 8:56:27 PM
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Wednesday, December 09, 2015 8:24:10 PM
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Mystery Too
2015 Golden Kayak Nominees!


IMP exclusive pre-release 2015

f thorne / k zeman

Don't give it away like you did before
Messy spill of air on the bathroom floor
Rain falling down through the pores on my hand
Don't give it away and pretend again
The bell in the sky, the blink of my eye
Hold off the sigh, don't run away blind

I remember to check, I remember my dream
I remember the darkness in between
I fell to my side, I fell with my pride
Don't give it away, wake up from my dream
No talking now or I will scream
Enough talking now, or I will scream
the thorn in my head and the hole in my feet
break in my eye, flutter up my side

I drop till I'm blind, running fast as I can
Hand from the sky, hand from my dream
Open up my broken heart
Song Comments

New and Noteworthy
atmospheric, evocative track, with hybrid roots mayhaps, recalls nirvana, neil young, with unique, wierd doubled harmonies, effects, eerie guitar solo that works well, cool lyrics...

2015 Golden Kayak Nominees!
nominated in Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

Mystery Too
Edgy Gripping Interesting and inviting. kinda weird freaky , pushing the envelop, stretching the limits nice bass work. lots of sounds sweeping and sweeping through the masterpiece. Very experimental ,catchy lyrics, and that "dont give it away" repeating and getting embedded in my head. Thorn in my head hole in my feet-catchy sh*t man rock on with your groove Kris and Fred bringing it

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