Lucis FluxSeize My (Our) Life Again
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Monday, December 07, 2015 8:30:35 AM
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Monday, December 07, 2015 8:46:26 AM
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Creativity is King
Melody Makers
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Cheap Trick meets Replacements

Recorded by Pete DeLorenzo and Kris Sampson
Mixed by Kris Sampson

Inspired by Rock*a*Teens 2015 show in Atlanta
I hear a moan and feel my body's lightning
I see a door that leads to our incitement
I was all alone when I hear her scream

Seize my life again!

She would never dare to shame the moon
while it stood still
until now...

Seize my life again!

I can't remove our sin of violent crisis
I will not justify our way of license
We killed the world while we chased our dreams

Seize our life again!

We'd never known we'd face the storm
we were tricked to bring
until now...

Seize our life again!

Our seeded fate
was once delayed by ancient mistakes
In the struggle to live we lied
to shield our eyes from blame
until now...

Seize our life again!

Song Comments

Melody Makers
Yep, great melodies all throughout this edgy guitar bound indie pop rock track. Pete DeLorenzo is a Melody Maker, Welcome to the station.

Creativity is King
Original and aggressive, catchy and in the pocket. Solid indie pop rock badassness. Creativity is the King

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