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Tuesday, December 15, 2015 5:24:20 AM
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015 5:25:28 AM
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Over The Moon
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The Quieter Side of Father Time


song written by Father Time

If you ever doubted how she feels
If you ever wondered what is real
Don't be relyin' on what she speaks
Feel what's inside her

She'll pause to find the right words to say
I try to understand but hey
She just eminates this elegance
that one doesn't see every day

She speaks in song, she doesn't shout
That's not her way, it just flows out
Her words meander but I stir
Demonstrative not her

She speaks in song, the sun and moon
Each passing day will bring her tune
An angel wakes and opens the blinds
Her songs come in and stay in my mind

She touches me in ways
I never felt - This unearthly glaze
comes over me my shoulders sway
I've got to be with her

I tell her what I think about
My thoughts just trickle from my mouth
Her essence goes beyond the words
A perfect grace that's just inferred

She speaks in song, she doesn't shout
No that's not her, it just flows out
She opens my fortress, no barrier
understated as it were

She speaks in song coming from above
Her melodies document our love
It's all the traces she lets seep thru
that let me know who she's talkin to
Song Comments

Over The Moon
Just found this great new track from Scott - great lyrics and vocals. I like the way the song builds and wonderful piano.

The Quieter Side of Father Time
wrote this about a female artist I love.

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