Two Silo ComplexFate or Destiny
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Friday, January 08, 2016 10:20:09 PM
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Sunday, October 22, 2017 1:25:40 AM
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Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews


Based on the movie the Matrix about the system of control.
Two Silo Complex -Bass-Guitar-Vocals-Drums presented by Yamaha dd9 drum machine.

Fate or destiny
There was a time ... lost it
So long ago ... recall it
the air was clear breath it
soon forget it used to be different

Who is to blame ... for this?
Controls the game ... who wins?
This is the age of change
Slowly drift away from reality

I am programmed by the machine
a small part of a greater disease
Is it fate or is it destiny?
It tells me when to sleep and to eat
what I wear is all part of the dream
Is it fate or is it destiny?

Read me the lines ... too say
Pull on my strings ... to make
My path so clear go straight
Aid me shape my true identity

Distract my eyes... with lights
To Hypnotize ... my mind
No way to fight this time
It much better to be ignorant


Can't help but take ... demands
Time ticks in grains ... of sand
On my last leg to stand
Follishness clings to hope of escape

Show me the line ... to cross
Make sure my file's ... not lost
Into the sea was tossed
Cast aside I float until rescue


The tale unwinds ... the truth
Of life live blind... abused
Hold on with tooth and nail
No room for mistakes taking on the world's ruler

Start a new life ... today
Still so confused ... dismayed
must learn the rules to play
More more than a game this time life is at stake.


Teach me to use ... insight
Begin to build ... up might
The task is mine .. by right
Of passage I choose to make a difference

Before new moon ... First strike
order resume ... by night
By fate comsumed the plight
Is resolved welcome to freedom.

Song Comments

Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
Wow! That was probably the most stimulating 6 minutes I ever spent listening to music here at IMP, why there have been no other reviews for this futuristic creation I can't imagine. It was as if a rebellious Gerry Rafferty returned to Earth to perform in a Dystopian Wonderland from the bottom of a dark grave where lyrics were tumbling effortlessly into the matrix to take on a subterranean life of their own that only Super-humans could decipher. This is simulated reality at it chilling best, nothing is what it seems, everything is virtual including the drums. In summary, this production is a mass of fine-grained Rock in which gems, crystals, and prehistoric fossils are embedded. Is it fate or is it destiny, let's call it festiny, a new word for the indescribable future of music - Choosy Susie 20017

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