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Wednesday, February 03, 2016 2:58:34 PM
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Thursday, October 05, 2017 11:44:40 AM
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The Best of Time's


Dalton Deluder made a good dime from selling the Brooklyn Bridge
Truey the Toiler thought all along that the coin should be partially his
Once the Gray Goucho laid down his dinero it didn't quite go as he planned
Truey was gone and so was the mojo, left them with a big empty land

Music and greed
They all want to succeed
but you're strivin' for less
with that brand of success
Hey what you bought
your piece of the pie
is it gold is it naught
well take a good guess

Altruistic Aspirer he came along when the issue was paying the rent
He got caught up in Deluder's big game and hey a small fortune was spent
Truey returned knowing he was the only possible savior around
Within a short time yeah the outlook was better but trouble was coming to town

the goucho would need
to bring out his deed
Deluder he frowned
thought he owned the town
When the Aspirer
came into the know
He was on fire
No one cared bout the show

The Toiler keeps pluggin all night with his trusty friend along
With Madeleine Magic there ridin shotgun, he knows they can't go wrong

Music and greed
oh you better take heed
when they're sellin' used cars
Property on Mars
If ya do toil
Only do what you would
don't let your spirit be spoiled
Lay loose and play your guitars

Truey the Toiler had thought he did good but had to preside over this
Such an ordeal, those 3 lost the plot to fight over fake poker chips
Meanwhile the Toiler who brought all the action, he just wanted to go down the street
His work had no value in this sad world of Music and greed and deceit

Music and greed
We all want to succeed
but whether that's true
depends on the view
One guy loves the song
Some guys like to own
it makes em feel strong
Which one are you?

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The Best of Time's
great lyrics, wonder what he's singing about?

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