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Round and round they go

I'm doing this all for Nigel... ;-) They still got it...GOD Andy you sound like McCartney is the bridge!!

The Good Stuff

Had Third Place

Typical XTC. Still got the groove!

Well what can I say? The inimitable XTC here on IAC!!

The Noise Collector
XTC in thee house, YO!

Sancocho Music
A group of genius creativity

The Rock
Wow great stuff a la PAul McCartney circa Wings period. Love the vocals. A magical song.

Hano's Affections
Lovely XTC tune ... Great drums and bass sound - funny melody twist - Mighty nice "to see you guys here" ..

ye've still got it, lads - great track

Saratoga Park Radio
Consistently some of the best songwriting I know.... Totally influential on much that I've done!

Supraluxe's Top Picks
XTC. Amazing, as usual.

Fountain of Youth
This has been one of my favorite bands for years.I have all their albums.

The Johnny Normal Musical Box
My idols from my formative years. Still creatively wonderful and inspirational. Great song.

De Clock is Ticking
What can I say. They're still great!

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Embarrassed to admit I've been on their bandwagon since English Settlement came out ("...and I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses working over time..."), but I love them so. "Spiral" is fun.

Missing The Beatles?
Missing The Beatles?... Groovy...

How could I have a radio station and not have music by XTC? I couldn't, so here it is.

Selected by me (sorry or breaking my own rules, but this was the only song on XTC's site, so I jumped in and assumed thay would pick this one)

KIAC Wave Mix Radio
XTC, now comprising the songwriting core duo of Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, both founding members of XTC way back in 1975, are set to release their first boxed set on their own Idea Records

Phamous Phlegm Phavourites
Ah..... Reminds me of the EARLY XTC, I knew & loved. Keep it GOIN' guys!

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