Steve BonaccorsiWords I'll Whisper to You
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Thursday, April 21, 2016 9:49:35 AM
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Thursday, April 21, 2016 10:01:33 AM
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A Music Box
Spring Is Springin'


Wriiten, performed and recorded by Steve Bonaccorsi

When you whisper to me
Move close as can be
Say you’re mine eternally
Come and whisper it to me

When I whisper to you
And hold you close like I do
I search for words to say it new
Words I’ll whisper to you.

I’ll Say the words that you’re
Longing to hear
I’ll Say them now while I’m
Holding you near
Whispered softly in your ear

When you wake up you’ll know
I’m there just to show
I’ll be here and won’t let go
When you wake up you’ll know

I’ll Say the words I’ve been
Saving for you
Said the way that you
Wanted me to
Words I’ll whisper to you.

© Steve Bonaccorsi 2016. All Rights Reserved
Song Comments

A Music Box
charmin' melody, stellar vocal, intuitive moves, musical and engagin', could be a lost beatles song, paul's basement tapes...

Spring Is Springin'
a meteorite, full of musicality and special memories, what a wa wa, beautifully accomplished production...

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