The Dan Sheehan ConspiracyEleventh Hour
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Sunday, May 22, 2016 9:43:08 AM
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Sunday, May 22, 2016 9:45:56 AM
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Angstful, high charged, guitar driven alt rock

Written by Dan Sheehan.

Eleventh Hour is about failed communication in a relationship and the sense of abandonment one feels when left behind.
I know I said I’d take this burden, but now it’s starting to break my back
And you know I’m feeling quite deserted as I lay miles from the tracks

And all those promises are thrown into the wind
The coldness penetrates my skin
And stings down deep inside and burns into my pride
‘Til the wind blows back to me again

I thought I’d left behind these feelings, but they’re all finding their way back
And all these painful blows your dealing can’t hide the underlying fact

And all the evidence is thrown into the fire
I respond quickly to retrieve
In paranoia that your two minds will conspire
To deny all you’ve made me believe

And now in the eleventh hour, you turn your back and walk away
And all the sweetness that’s turned sour will never see another day

And all these mem’ries we retrieve from time to time
Are long forgotten in your mind
Played back as fantasies where you’re forever mine
Reminders of a better time x
Song Comments

they got the stuff
a rockin band, a good song.

Bass solo a nice touch before main lead break. Maybe a hint of Eddie Vedder on the charismatic vocs. Nice all-round power presentation package.

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