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Friday, May 27, 2016 7:58:58 AM
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Friday, May 27, 2016 8:03:31 AM
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This is the song I co-wrote with the Croatian band The Employees.

Music: Ika Matančević & Fran Vrsalović
Lyrics and vocal: DeMonicka

So here we are
So lost in silence and burnt out deep, deep inside
And it hurts much more 'cause it's been ages since we've talked last time
I count your steps but I never have you in sight
Oh what a shame
But who am I to feel bad if you're the one to blame
And who has put this love to an end

We've walked the hell on earth
We've walked the heaven
Gone and back again
And into and through it and in it
And now you act as if we have never met

As if I never, never really loved you
As if I never wrote any song for you
As if I never woke up because of you
As if I never knew you, but I knew you

As if I never, never fought for you
Of ourselves we have made such fools
I love you was the realest truth I told you
And I love you was the worse lie I've ever heard from you x
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the greatest indies I've ever heard
DeMonicka is worthy to be on the greatest indies I've ever heard because these songs are packed with quality. She has a bunch of them! Is there a fan club somewhere because I'm in, sign me up.

Music Monsters
It is also high time I added some music from Croatia! Otherwise how could I ever play my station for my buddy Don who is of Croatian heritage? I certainly could not pretend as if I never heard this song. One more add from you and then back to Mr. Tosoff again. Thank you dear!

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