WhitherwardThe Dragon
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Monday, May 30, 2016 2:30:30 PM
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:00:59 AM
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Artwork by Moriah Hummer (flattrackfuries.com)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Edward A. Williams
Produced by Whitherward
All songs written by Ashley E. Norton and Edward A. Williams
Partially recorded with assistance from Max Masano
at Gold Cap Studios, Phoenix, AZ
Whitherward is:
vocals, acoustic guitar - Ashley E Norton
vocals, acoustic guitar - Edward A Williams
bass - Patrick Hershey
violin - Stephanie Groot

Song Comments

Eve's Magical Ride
Whitherward is an incredibly expressive duo with great rhythm and vox in their originals. This is music that reminds of mountains and castles and I do believe that the dragon inside of her is who she really is.

Eve's Special Reserve
Nobody's ever accused me of having a dragon inside me but there was this group of girls in high school that called me a bitch.

Over The Moon
Wowee! Bring it on - the dragon inside!

2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!
folk/acoustic rock/americana

Mysterious and beautiful song its an inviting powerful and dynamic composition, well placed instrumental and percussive qualities that are so engaging. lovely vocals its a symphony of color and a story that grows and unwinds develops and builds. tres cool

Groovy Music Monsters
Ashley; I think that subconsciously your video of this song is why I missed your last concert in Omaha. You scared me; especially with that rolling pin in your hand; yikes! Nonetheless, I don't think it was meant for me and you have since assured me that you are a good dragon. Lest I forget to say so in these blurbs, Edward is an incredible musician / guitarist! Where Edward, did you get that little hand-held baby keyboard? I want one too. Will you use it in your concert in Omaha in September? I am really grooving to Whitherward!

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