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Wednesday, June 01, 2016 7:53:40 AM
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017 4:38:28 PM
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Done on acoustic, but rock n' rollin' in spirit.

The guitars and vocals were all done by me. The drums and the bass were created in Stagelight, basically a windows equivalent of Garage Band.

It's been a while since I first put a demo of this one together. Like a lot of songs I wrote when I was first toying with songwriting I had come up with lyrics first. At the time I was trying to tie them in with a story that I was trying to write, hints a few of the specific images such as the opening of the hatch and escaping 'the wreckage.' Overall though I opted to let the situation in question stay more-or-less open to interpretation.
Just search for the answers on your own
as you stumble into the unknown
head hung low, in the clouds

Here's your crash course on coming down,
here's your crash course on coming down

Check for the trapdoors at your feet
and the buried threat you can't defeat,
there's no relief, in the clouds


Opened your eyes but you can't find
the hatch that sealed you safe inside
out of sight.

Escaped the wreckage just in time
but you left your friends behind,
don't deny your impatience left you blind.

Don't forget what's in your mind
out of sight but still alive,
cause' kindness can't cure blindness but
with a little patience you just might find
the truth is staring you right in the eyes
and suddenly you realize
words just can't disguise you anymore,
no, words just can't disguise you anymore.

Here's your crash course.
Song Comments

Eve's Magical Ride
Hypnotic, very different and i like it.

Acid Rain
Very full-sounding given it is "unplugged". Stands on its own as is; would be interesting to hear an amped-up version too.

Smile About It
an adventurous song, feel the spirit, like the vibe and riff, rock on...

genuine emotional energy, engagin' riffage, strong lyrics, in the indie spirit...(and musical)

Apocalypse Radio
WELCOME! ...to The Apocalypse! -M-

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