Sean LenoxThe Time I Rode a Horse to the Moon
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Sunday, June 05, 2016 5:18:53 PM
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Sunday, June 05, 2016 5:19:33 PM
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I was walking in the woods one day
'cause I was lonely and bored and probably lost
I tripped and stumbled through the trees
Until I found this horse

My name is H he did proclaim
He had big red eyes and a pretty blue mane
he said, "You have found me, traveler!
Now I will be your friend!"

I jumped and squealed with joy and glee
But little did I know where he would take me

Woah woah, he took me
Woah woah, he took me to the moon

I went home and I showed him to all my friends
Milly was concerned, but Bec was smitten
How often do you meet a magical horse in the woods on a Tuesday?

He had hooves that were totally rad
And anatomy that was very horselike
I offered him massages and assorted candies
but then it was time for bed

Oh, I can't sleep for these dreams
Where would he take me?

Woah woah, he took me
Woah woah, he took me to the moon

The next day we went outside
In the calm of the afternoon
He asked me where we should go
And I said, "To the moon!"

He took me by the hand
He said, "Your wish is my command!"
He threw me on his back and in the blink of an eye
We took off and we shot off right into the sky
The sky!

I didn't mean that literally
I was just messing around, it's an expression I use to be silly and cheeky

Oh, I can't be in space on a horse
I've got work in the morning
Past the stratosphere and the mesosphere
It's awfully cold up here

Woah woah, he took me
Woah woah, he took me to the moon

And it was kind of cool
Song Comments

creative riffage, and storytellin', in best indie tradition, kudos...

Indie Wavelength
engagin' keys riff, sense of adventure, kudos...

Music Monsters
Sometimes Sean, it takes me almost to the end of a song to decide to put it here to hear over and over again. This only took me a few bars of the intro. Your lyrics as well as the art work crack me up! Do I hear a bit of a David Bowie influence here? Cool!

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