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Monday, July 04, 2016 10:32:09 AM
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Like Our love is a vibrant upbeat acoustic driven song. Imagine a warm summer's day with your loved one. Sun is shining and you're feeling warm safe and happy. Things couldn't be any better. This is the song you'd be listening to. Maybe there were some hard times but they're behind you now.. Male Vocals, Pop, 70's Pop

Used for promoting gay marriage referendum in Ireland:
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Love song lamenting the joy of love and likening it to planting seeds and watching them grow as love does.Some tears we cried, but it wouldn't be long before that smile arrives!
Planted the seeds the seeds of love in or hearts
Grew up strong and lived so long
Like Our Love
Like Our love
Like my Love for you will always be true

Like the flowers in the spring time
Like the early morning dew
When I’m humming this tune mm mm mm!
And I’ll sing with you by the silvery moon

And the storms came by
But you always had that look in your eye
Wind it blew strong
Knew it wouldn’t be long
For winter to ease
Oh my love, Oh my love
We’ll be carried away on a soft summer breeze

And some tears we cried
Wouldn’t be long for that smile to arrive
When times were hard
You would always come along and make me laugh oh my love..

Repeat 1st verse

We’ll be carried away on a soft summer breeze
We’ll be carried away on a soft summer breeze
We’ll be carried away on a soft summer breeze
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