TaiacoreFollowing the Sun
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Thursday, July 28, 2016 7:23:05 AM
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Thursday, July 28, 2016 7:51:38 AM
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Electro western up beat track . Talks about when you are hunted by the memories of and old relationship

-Following the sun down the river
the winter was too long it made me shiver
you did me wrong , now I deliver
my heart , to someone else
-taste the water that flows from
the mountain
you treated my heart just like a fountain
I can´t recall smiling once since.
You gave my heart to someone else
+ I can´t ever sing someone else´s song
I´ll soon drift away to where
Your river runs
I can´t take it for the pleasure (I can´t take the pain for your pleasure )
I´ll soon drift away to where your river runs dry, runs dry+
-The memory of your face haunts me every night
filling me with sorrow
filling me with fright
I wish you would someday let me give my heart,
To someone else.
+I can´t ever sing …+
Song Comments

Eve's Hooky Cookie
a great new song by one of the best indie bands. Different sounding than their others but maintains the standard of greatness.

TonyGirl's Favorites
Good vibes. Makes you want to drink beer and run around in circles. Takes me to summer festivals. Could be fun to see this here in Finland. We have Flow Festival for example every summer.

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