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Saturday, July 30, 2016 3:46:20 PM
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Saturday, July 30, 2016 3:47:08 PM
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World Class Bullies

Intro -All we are saying is give love a chance!

World Class Bullies beatin’ up on the free.
World Class Bullies will they ever see?
World Class Bullies beating up you and me.

You butcher the beat of history,
you teach the world to hate.
You spread the legs of misery,
you thrust till it’s just too late.
You slaughter your sons and daughters,
you tempt the twist of fate.
You jail your political enemies,
your foes you assassinate.

World Class Bullies beatin’ up on the free.
World Class Bullies will they ever see?
Love is the answer for your troubled minds.
Put away the hate and leave it all behind.
World Class Bullies beatin’ up you and me.
World Class Bullies beatin’ down you and me.

Well a bully is only a coward,
a skunk without a spine.
Hide in the shadows of circumstance,
your credit’s been declined.
You’re a plague upon our peace,
a vision of the blind.
You malign the faith of honesty,
you kill accord with crime.


The Bullies may win the battle,
but they never win the fight.
They show the world a lack of care,
and just how much they spite.
No one wants a crisis.
You can keep your terrorist ways.
Give the people back there freedom,
turning night back into day.

Outro - People of the world,
smile on your brother.
Everybody come together and
try to love one another right now! x
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