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Oh well
Elvis Lesley is my name
I'd marry in if Lisa Marie were game
And the white man named me, long time ago
We'll call you Indian Joe
Indian Joe

So I sprinkle my Spackle
And spittle my spoke
I used to give a damn
But that thing broke
I thought I was a Private Eye
But they think I'm a joke
They call me Indian Joe
Indian Joe

The big fat thing I done with my life
It's a ring-back
There goes my wife
With a steel trap for a mind
I'd lose it instead
But it's so hard to find
So these are the fingers
That whittle it out
The whittling woodland circus of doubt
There's just no end
To the amount of things
I've had to live, had to live without
Do without

I swore I would not sing this song to you
You married Peter Pan
He disappointed you too
You're such a Big Time
Big Deal Prostitute
But what do I know?
I'm just Indian Joe

So I'm-a tell you what
Since I gotcha on the line
I know you'll just hang up
But you do look fine
I'm just a poor boy trying to walk that line
They say 'we seen you before Indian Joe'

So bustle my britches and kiss my mouth
If there's Mrs,
Bitches show me what you're about
'Cause I can balance on the head of a pin
They never seem to kill me
But I just can't win
Because the lines are drawn
The deck has been stacked
Once I had a wife
But she won't come back
So there's no more
Love Me Tender
Love Me Do
Baby where are you?
Who I'm talking to
Baby, you....

So kick-a-my tires
And drive-a my hearse
We'll do the Big Crash Landing
That we rehearsed
I bet the whole damn farm
On the winner's purse
And however it goes
My name is Indian Joe

Whooo hooo hooo

Aye yah yah

Whoa oh oh....

Yeah and that's how it goes
They call me Indian Joe

It's really nothing I know
I just go with the flow

And when you get to the door
Tell 'em you're lookin' for.... lookin' for... lookin' for....

Indian Joe
Whoa oh oh oh
Indian Joe
Whoa oh oh oh
Indian Joe
Oh whoa oh oh

Don't let me go

Copyright 2016 ~ ELVIS LESLEY
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