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Monday, August 08, 2016 8:31:21 AM
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Monday, August 08, 2016 8:33:56 AM
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Finders Keepers


Next Step is a song that states the reality of not being able to go back to yesterday and though being uncertain about today compels us to keep moving forward.

Next Step - Words & Music by Gary & Linda Sclafani

Next Step

Can't go back to yesterday
Can't be slack 'bout tomorrow
And I'm not sure about today
But I believe, I believe

(It's time to take the)

Next Step

Seem so long since '94
I'm not as strong as I was before
Things have changed in my life
But I know now, I know now

(It's time to take the)

Next Step, Next Step
Not gonna make all the same mistakes
Not lookin' back going forward in faith
Takin' the Next Step, Next Step
Singin' a new song to the one I love
Gotta get movin', gotta get steppin'

Cause there is a purpose and a bigger plan
Gotta see the big picture
Let me take you by the hand
And take you to the Next Step

Life's so hard to live today
Who can you trust to lead the way
There's no need to be afraid
Cause the is one, there is one
Who'll help you take the Next Step

One step front of another...

Not lookin' back going forward in faith...

It's time to take the Next Step

Song Comments

Finders Keepers
We love a duo, especially a Male/Female, Rock Pop duo with a great bass line and some interesting extras like the spoken asides and the sky-scraping lead solo. This is so well written and produced, how on Earth did it slip past ALL the Indie music lovers... Sorry Gary and Linda, we won't make the same mistake this time, we've found you and we'll keep you here in the hope that you'll pick up more fans at IMP

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