Steve WhiteBeggar in the Night
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Saturday, August 27, 2016 1:12:02 PM
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Saturday, August 27, 2016 1:25:07 PM
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Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
Change The World


A beggar on a lonely street, looking for help.

Written, played and recorded by Steve White

This song is about being tested. We are all tested at some point in our lives. This man passed the test.
Beggar in the Night
Verse #1
A beggar came to me, just the other night.
He asked me for some money, in the pale moonlight.
So I said, how bout a burger, as I kept him in my sight.
When I turned around, he was gone gone gone.
Beggar in the night.

Verse #2
I took the burger with me, headed down the street.
I saw a bunch of beggars, nothing much to eat.
So I gave them, all a section and I’m sure it tasted sweet.
I told them of, the man I saw, he was gone gone gone
Beggar in the night.
Verse #3
Heard a whisper in my ear, don’t you worry no more.
I’m the man you helped out, one of the very poor.
Each night I test a soul or two, to see if they are pure.
Then I leave this place and I’m gone gone gone.
Beggar in the night.
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Change The World
kickinwailin' guitar downwindystreet, storytellin', in a film noire setting...are you hungry?

Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
Any of us who've walked around our Village's Downtown Streets, and Busked, have probably experienced something Similar.

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