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Once upon eternity
I blew in on the five o'clock breeze
Reputation followed me
Hollowed me
But you can't see
What you girls have done to me
Topple him over, it's fun to see
I'm not stupid and I play smart
Standing where I happen to be

Trouble with a p and it rhymes with t
I'm the music man oh yeah that's me
And she's a sadder but wiser girl
If she's you

Don't be embarrassed 'cause I'll never be
I can do myself just like 1 2 3
That means I'm Jim Dandy you wouldn't do

Be still my thunderin' heart
'Cause I know her and I
Are about a light-year apart
Oh be still my thunderin' heart

Some may stay and some may go
Some they say and some they know
Some know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Some a clue they do without

Some think yes and some think no
Some pick numbers, some pick nose
Some argue the time of day
A minute gone could piss an hour away

Madam Librarian, can't help but see
There she is where she happen to be
But if she ain't grown up
What can you do?

I'm not embarrassed
Well at least not yet
But if you called me on it
I'd be all wet
Oh but you're Jim Dandy I wouldn't do

Be still my thunderin' heart
There's a devil in me, Miss Jones
Tearin' me apart
Oh be still my thunderin' heart

I don't know when, I don't know why
I know know nothin'
I jump and fly
If it would save you
I'd happily die
I'd happily kiss you and say goodbye
I look at the brain-dead
They're all around
If they look at you
Just make a zombie sound
You put an apple on the fence
And sing it right off
Yeah, that's the test


I won't even send the link
I don't even care what you think
Along came Slow Talkin' Jones
I'm addicted, there you go

3D print from unbreakable glass
So you can kiss my unbreakable ass
I know by now not to expect
The kind of kiss you can't forget

Be still my thunderin' heart
You and I is cat and dog
I wouldn't hazard a start

Be still my thunderin' heart
Till there is you
I do a lot of fallin' apart

Oh be still my thunderin' heart
Lord my world keeps fallin' apart

Oh be still my thunderin'
My thunderin'
My thunderin' heart

Copyright 2016 ~ ELVIS LESLEY
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