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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 11:09:28 AM
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 11:13:17 AM
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Eve Loves Indies
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The instrumental version of my song to a Polish Poem "Student Without A Number'', although I'm planning to make an English version with my own lyrics, but not just yet. But the instrumental version is quite nice to listen to :)

Music by: DeMonicka (with a help of Marcin Litwin and Waldemar Żywica)

The poem was written in 1943, when Jerzy Kozarzewski (the poem's author) was in a jail, waiting for his execution.
I Part - Loneliness
The prisoner waits for his execution. He talks about his fellow inmates, who exist only inside his head.

II Part - Paternoster
The prisoner is angry at God for giving him a life purpose that led him to a death sentence.

III - Execution
Despite the imminent death, the prisoner hopes that his efforts will not go down in drain and younger generations will live in a free, peaceful country.
IV - My Dearest
The prisoner tells his beloved one not to cry for him. He doesn't want her to mourn or to remember him as killed. He wants her to remember his kisses instead. x
Song Comments

Atmospheric, long intro before main theme, wait for it. bass and percussion it unfolds wonderfully Epicedium ode to a funeral.

Eve Loves Indies
One of my favorite artists suprises with an instrumental and a very good one!

Music Monsters
DeMonicka! Wow; I am speechless! Of course I am, this is an instrumental! I read before listening and this all makes perfect sense. Had I listened before reading, the same would have been true. This gave me goose bumps throughout and I like that natural rush! I suggest that you and your team seriously consider contacting Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend and collaborate this into a full 45 minute album rock opera. Then when together you perform a World European and North American Tour, I will consider it a huge personal favor! Could you have this ready by the Spring of 2018 in the 21st Century, please? Thank you!

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