IHORSo Far Along Your Way
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Saturday, September 17, 2016 10:53:47 AM
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 3:30:27 PM
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Ballady Lamentation

Words and Music ©I.wolosenko

Vocals - Ihor
Lead guitar, Mando,Bass - Tony DiGregorio
Guitar, Cello, Drums - Ihor

Turning pictures into words

Yeah I get it
Every song's a piece of art
G6 Cadd2
An illuminated portrait ...of your broken heart
Am C
I've seen the fine details you paint
I just can't listen to
Any more complaint

It's all right
So take it all for what it's worth
Are you feeling like an angel .. fallin.... fallin.. back to earth
But till the world can make you smile
you walk by yourself
through every weary mile

Pre Chorus:
C G6
It 's just a stage ..everyone must play
C G6
Spend some time together..Before we blow away

D ` C
I know....... you are so beautiful
G Asus4
But that's just me and may not be enough
So you paint your moonlit scenes
And dream your lonely dreams
C C Asus4
As you move along your way
Cadd2 G6 Asus4
So far...So far along your way

And I know
Each painting's got a lot to say
It's all colored in the blood....that lights up every day
And all your watercolor skies
They're just waiting
For your sun to rise

Pre Chorus: x
Song Comments

they got the stuff
This is a 50s, early 60s style ballad but it is done so well it sent chills down my spine, the vox are spectacular, this is an artist to watch for.

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