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Monday, September 26, 2016 1:28:26 PM
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Monday, September 26, 2016 1:41:26 PM
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2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!


taken from my forthcoming album "Five Little Songs", out later this year on my Bandcamp page (poirot.bandcamp.com)

written/performed at home by George

You knew all about life
'Cause you'd figured it out
Precious trusted companion
I was so damn proud

So you didn't say n o
You went and said y e s
Always had to smell the flowers
In your medieval dress

But I never lost faith at hard times
Deep inside I felt safe but sometimes
All I needed was a place to shine

They would never understand
Why I had to be blind
Casual talks about the weather
Playing dumb all the time

I forgot how to speak
Got wrapped in your voice
Turned a secondhand emotion
Into a second best choice

We were taken by the night, good times
Wishin' I could make it right for old times
All I needed was a place
Some celestial city to shine

Can you hear the angels sing?
It's a universal thing
I just wanna hear them sing
Oh I wouldn't change a thing

Can you hear them sing?
Can you hear me sing?
All I needed was a place
Some celestial city to shine

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2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!
alternative pop rock

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