WhitherwardThe Night I Fell For You
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Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:13:54 AM
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Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:17:04 AM
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The first single from our upcoming album, The Night I Fell For You tells an all-too-familiar story.

Whitherward is:
Ashley Norton - vocals, acoustic guitar
Edward Williams - vocals, acoustic guitar
Patrick Hershey - acoustic upright bass
Stephanie Groot - acoustic violin
with special guest:
Tony King - drums, percussion

produced by: Whitherward
engineered by: Edward Williams, Max Masano
recorded at: Gold Cap Studios, Scottsdale, AZ
mastered by: Kedron Porter
cover design by: Edward Williams
cover photo by: Howard Ignatius

The night I fell for you
Was the night that I went numb
To everything that mattered
Or maybe I was drunk?
The night I fell for you
Was the moment that I knew
You're all I've ever wanted
After all that I've been through

The night I fell for you
Was the same night I met you

The night I fell for you
You asked me to dance
People stopped to judge us
'Cause they didn't like romance
The night I fell for you
Was the worst night of my life
You told me you could love me
But you couldn't leave your wife

The night I fell for you
The night I fell for you
Was the same night I lost you

The night I fell for you...
Song Comments

Love and Disappointment
This is a bit of a departure for a band I really love. It's a sad story, perfect for this station. The backing is the shining star in this song, orchestral, beautiful. I love it so much.

an orchestral tapestry, with charmin' vocal, three part harmonies, and a chorus at home in any music era, tasty pizzicata strings and cello part, sweepin'...

Itso's Earworms
Ah, the strings...

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