dana clancyJohnny Cash Kinda' Day
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Thursday, June 21, 2018 10:37:09 AM
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Monday, November 05, 2018 9:33:36 AM
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bring me back baby take a ride on the river it’s a Johnny cash kind of day to sit shiva/ get me blessed till I’m under arrest and I can’t hear the music play
gotta take me down get me baptized and drowned with a Elvis Presley color moon
satchmo singin and jelly roll ringin and Dylan writin down everything you think you’re thinking
it’s a Johnny cash kind of day
lives gut spent only thing made sense white lies they were singin on the radio
oh my soul the politics of rockinroll get your money and they’re runnin till the money boys’ll shun em in a elvis presley color moon
##look me in the eye…then glance away…to tell me that it’s over but you know as well as I such things are never over##
downtown baby turn around town baby it’s a Johnny cash kind a day
fresh outta pity playin new york city I don’t buy what I sell so I’ll just rock em all to hell
Elvis presley color moon
##we will play a tiny song while Rome burns…not too short not too long##
bring me back honey till the rocken gets runny in a orgy of self-esteem
show em how to live teach em how to die tell em what to think jes don’t look em in the eye
like a elvis presley color moon….cuz it’s a johnny cash kind a day
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