Jilly's Song a Week ChallengeBring It In (s.a.w. # 3)
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Monday, January 21, 2019 12:50:44 PM
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Monday, January 21, 2019 1:01:06 PM
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Songwriting Challenge 2019


This starts in a serious way but when you get to the chorus you just want to be part of it

Inspired by the Beverly Goldberg
Sometimes words are hard to say you don't know how or where to start
but that's just fine, I know a way to open up your heart
You need something warm and real, someone you can touch and feel
Don't you worry, don't be shy, hugging's good, give it a try

Chorus 1

Don't just stand there, bring it in bring it in bring it in
Come to Mama, hug it out cuz I know what you're all about

Instrumental break

Sometimes you may feel neglected, out there on a limb
but in my arms you'll be protected when you bring it in
You need someone close at hand, someone who will understand
Hugs can say what words cannot, what you want I got

Chorus 2

Don't be formal, don't just shake, bring it in, bring it in
Get up close, no air between cuz I'm a real live hugging Queen

I got arms to wrap around you, bring it in, c'mon bring it in
Hold on tight and don't let go cuz I know all I need to know

Spoken outro

We can do it all day long, bring it in, bring it in
Hugging helps you right a wrong, bring it in and bring it on... that's better.... c'mon

Song Comments

Songwriting Challenge 2019
Week 3 of the challenge finds me in a cosy (cozy), mellow mood, hope it puts listeners in a good place too.

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