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Thursday, January 05, 2017 2:28:14 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Golden Kayak Nominees 2017


Another one of my dreams put to music. -M-

Three-Man Improvisation, Raw(no add-ins)
Xanthan Gum: Guitar, Vocals
Mortamor: Bass, Lyrics
BAD: Drums

Seems insignificant at the first, but upon further analysis it will be seen that an amazing Truth is hidden within this scenario. When desiring a “clockwise” movement one mustn’t neglect nor negate the usefulness of “counter-clockwise” activity within the process. Upon placing a ball into a cylinder and swinging it around to achieve a “clockwise” motion of the ball within it, take note that the ball MUST turn/spin in a “counter-clockwise” direction in order to more easily accomplish the intended/desired direction. If the ball didn’t or couldn’t spin “counter-clockwise” this activity would become more difficult to accomplish. The rubbing/friction would be “counter” productive to the desired goal. “Allowing” the “opposite” motion to participate within the “desired” movement produces a smooth flowing and seemingly effortless achievement of the objective. It does in fact, actually “enhance” and “aid” in the overall accomplishment of the objective... becoming its “grease” in fact. And then there is this: “Right” has no significance unless there is a “Wrong”(right “needs” wrong)... and another “pairing” would be(Life “needs” Death) “Death” is the one true thing that makes “Life” precious and without “Life” “Death” would have no meaning. Many other analogies apply as well, such as the Male and Female... Day and Night... ALL of the “opposites” in fact! -M-
On the sands of a riverbed I laid on a square white sheet(cloth, but could ‘stand for’ paper)
The participant then(on all fours) moved quickly... agilely, circumambulating clock-wise the square.
Smiles upon all the faces of the sages as ‘their way’ was being portrayed before their very eyes upon the ground before them. They nod their approval of the ritual.

Now, I describe ‘my vision’ in ritual form and looks of astonishment and amazement mark their faces. They stand there in shock and disbelief as I(uprightly on my feet) dance wildly, spinning counter-clockwise as I circumambulate the square, clock-wise.
So fast I go that the participating monk, when he tries to keep pace, starts stumbling on the blanket and falls to his face.
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Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Hard Rock

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