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Friday, January 13, 2017 4:14:30 PM
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Sunday, September 29, 2019 9:16:38 PM
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Mystery Too


About being different from other people. About being unique, extraordinary, like someone out from this world.

Song fully writen and produced by me
Rick Cedana helped me with the vocals, god bless him ;p

I've written the song last year, but it different. It's because I didn't have a proper equipment (the old version is on my soundcloud), then I got a better music program, and I wanted to change it just a little bit, but I ended up changing everything. Only the ending remained from the old version.
Such a cosmic misfit
I'm a born-to-be-weird kid
a galaxy in my heart
but no man's land in your arms

conceived between heavy metal
and sugar coated pleasant things
I pledge allegiance to the world
nobody really understands

so much give, so much take
so many futuristic hearts to break
I'm not afraid, I am prepared
I'm not like you, I am the alien

I'm the alien

I'm from another world
Across the universe
I'm nothing you've ever known

the earth I'm cursed to know
and face the towns that breed the clones
with wrong mixture of genes
and hypnotized by small machines

Prejudices in people's eyes
and demons they never exorcise
I'll invade them in their dreams
and they will dream what I dream

so much to hate, so much to adore
another dimensions to explore
I'm not afraid, I'm ready, I'm game
I'm not like you, I am the alien


No more imposed solitude
I'm making my own rhythm to sing
against the mold
It's celestial
but so natural

Alien, 'cause I'm an alien
'Cause I'm an alien to you

'Cause I'm an alien
yes, I'm the beast to say the least
I'm extraterrestrial 6x x
Song Comments

Mystery Too
DeMonicka brings a newie , an Alien, cool Right off I dig, basically it is acappela at times, that in itself is no easy feat, ,it has a mysterious quality a swirling atmospheric essence with lots of tripping out sound effects. experimental ideas and unique with a little of david bowie influences or even a touch of Gary Numan perhaps cool project. its a beauty. nice work BT

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