The DorroughbysOut On The Country Trail
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Monday, February 27, 2017 11:19:36 PM
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Monday, June 24, 2019 7:17:12 AM
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Spring Is Springin'
Free As A Bird


Out on the country trail, jumping logs with a bound

by Cary Kembla


Out on the country trail
The air is so fine
Out on the country trail
Strolling in the sun
Along the white stream rushing
Out to the sea
It was meant to be roaring
It will ever run free

Out on the country trail
Lizards scamper along
Out on the country trail
All the birds are in song
Up high an eagle's flying
Over the trees
It was meant to be soaring
It will ever be free

Out on the country trail
Jumping logs with a bound
Out on the country trail
Up the hill and then down
Roaming the ridge so wild with
My face to the breeze
I was meant to be wandering
I will ever be free

(c) 2017 Cary Kembla
Song Comments

Free As A Bird
an engagin' burst of country mountain high, nice layered vocals, guitar flair, and atmosphere, storytellin', kudos...

Spring Is Springin'
a pleasin' romp w nice harmonies in places, tasteful guitar break, and a rollin' story that feels genuine and fresh...

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