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Monday, April 17, 2017 3:01:41 AM
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Friday, April 21, 2017 2:27:29 AM


I would describe this song as a power ballad? In the vein of Nilsson, Brian Adams, Ryan Adams, Aerosmith, Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Words and music by David Nyro
Piano/keys and voice: David Nyro
Bass: Marc Miller
Drums: Sean Lane
Guitars: Jakael Tristram
Recorded at London Bridge Studios and various home studios
Engineer: Jakael Tristram
Producers: David Nyro and Jakael Tristram

This song was "inspired?" by the break-up (her idea) with the love of my life. I really would've done anything for her, but she had already decided I wasn't the one, and it didn't matter how many songs I wrote, or what I did for her - or was willing to do for her and us - her perception and ego ruled. Which is generally true for all relationships. It's about perception, how we see things from our "bubbles." All the love in the world is irrelevant and meaningless if someone has decided they don't love you, or you don't love them enough.
Oh well. At least we get some music out of the mess and the pain.
You'll be the judge as to whether it has any merit. Again: perception! Ha ha.
©June 2, 2016 By David Nyro
I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
Betray my brother
sell my soul Even quit my rock 'n roll
I'd do anything for you
Ooo ooo ooo ooooo
Walk through fire, swim through ice
Take a bullet, feel the knife
I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
Pull down the sun if you asked me to
Climb ev'ry mountain to the top
Run every race and never stop
And thank my lucky stars for the chance to prove
I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
There is nothing we can't do
Bring down the sun if we so choose
Promise you before I know
What you're asking me to do
I will trust you with my heart
oo oo oo oo oo ooo
I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
O o o o o o o
O o o o O o o o
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