Mindless HopeTrepidation
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Saturday, April 22, 2017 12:47:20 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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"Speechless EP" is a selection of songs from our debut album "Verbatim".
All songs are remixed, remastered, and have vocals added to them, as well as, some new lead work from Rob Covello.

released April 20, 2017

This EP is available for free (download card enclosed with booklet) when you buy a physical copy of our new album "Unlocking a New Realm of Existence".

All music performed by Matt Grosse James Rivera, Tom Dilliplane, William Lohr, Rob Covello

Vocals written, arranged, and performed by Mark David & David Elliott III

Mastered by Steve Carrao at Sage Audio Mastering, Nashville, TN

(0:05) Separate the truth from the moral
So my story cannot be told

(0:23) Conceive!

(0:36) ...or consequences are your ending...are your beginning...
I'm learning in the dark...

(0:51) End my life...or show me light.

(0:59) How can I see the truth for myself without... Pain?!
Killing what I'm not familiar with will be my downfall

(1:16) I fall down and cannot pick up the pieces, they're made of blood.

(1:32) Formant visions...for the blind...

(1:41) I would stop but I'm forced to... kill all that breathes.

(2:28) End my life...or show me light.

(2:39) End my life. x
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