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Monday, April 24, 2017 10:42:19 PM
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Monday, April 24, 2017 10:43:31 PM


Cryin' In A Heap

I grew up living in a world of make-believe
I was a pie-eyed kid, wearing his heart on his sleeve
And though I learned there's a time
There's a time to weep
I ain't none too cool about cryin' in a heap....

I been a big thang
Been in the chain gang
Definitely too cool to even bother with bling
I got the hang now
I punch with bang now
Everywhere I go whoa whoa whoa

So now I see you layin' there
Whining you can't go on
Yeah you're a sensitive man
Singing a sensitive song
But as you cryin' that river
Don't you get in too deep
No, it ain't none too cool to be cryin' in a heap....

I've been to love school
I was a young fool
Watched so many pretty girls pass me by
And I got older, then I got bolder
Strictly me oh

[My resolution is something to see
I can cry even here on my feet
I survived even a broken heart
Broken hard]

I'm the kind of guy
You wanna learn about
Hey, this cat can really deal
And I wanna find out
I just refuse to go gently
Into that good night
I get up in the morning in the new sunlight


Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

[She was a girl you don't wanna meet
Stole my heart, knocked me off of my feet
But I learned all the hard lessons
I'm a wild card]

No, don't take it from me
Even if I said it twice
A nickel's worth of experience
Is better than a buck of advice
You got miles to go, and promises to keep
Nah, it ain't none too cool to be cryin' in a heap....

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