David NyroInto the Blue
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Monday, May 01, 2017 10:12:35 PM
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A song about innocence, and innocence lost, confusion, idealism, hope, friendship, nostalgia, drugs, dreams, and whatever you want it to be about. If you like singer-songwriter stuff, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Oasis, Randy Newman, the Eagles, Counting Crows, Ryan Matthews, Beck, etc. you might like...

released December 10, 2014
Piano, Hammond B-3, vocals: David Nyro
Guitar, bass, Hammond B-3: Michael Connolly
Drums: Sean Lane
Producers: David Nyro and Michael Connolly
Engineers: Michael Connolly and Jordan Cunningham
Into The Blue is copyrighted 2014 by David Nyro

The inspiration for this track came from a lot of places: some gatherings in the wilds from the wilds of my youth. Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush." Oasis. David Bowie's "Memory of a Free Festival." Once the song was done, it brought to mind "Something In The Air" by Thunderclap Newman. This is a song about being young and charming, blissful and invincible. It's also about growing up and facing certain truths, "inconvenient" or otherwise. It's about celebrating a time in our lives and about being alive, but also about being mindful of our own mortality and that of our planet's. It's also open to interpretation. What do you think it's about?
Into the Blue
© 2014 By David Nyro

Look at us now we’re on the run It won’t be the first time they’ve said we’re done.
We’ve conquered the skies and harnessed the sun But no one can say what kingdom will come

Out to where the pavement ends
I’ll make amends for all our sins
If you’ll come along and save my life,
we’ll make a circle for all our friends
You don’t even have to understand as long as you hold my hand
As long as you take a stand

Into the blue ooh ooh Into the blue
Into the blue Into the blue

Old enough to make a choice, old enough to have a voice
Everyone is watching you to see what you will do
But all you want to do is play, you don’t have anything to say
There’s nothing to do ‘cause we still love you
into the blue Into the blue Into the white Into the blue
into the light

Millions are waiting, anticipating

It’s not that we don’t care
It’s just a phase we’re going through
Everyone has got their share
and they don’t even know it’s there
But there’s nothing to do Can’t you see See what is true?
Don’t you know that we all can’t be you?
Pardon my view, it’s time we all flew

Into the blue, into the blue
Into the blue, and into the white
Into the blue and into the light
Into the bright white night of our blue

C: Into the blue
and into the night
into the blue
Into the light

But no one can say what kingdom will come
There’s nothing to do, ‘cause we still love you
Nothing to do but go into the blue ooooooh
Song Comments

Outstanding vocals, cool piano with powerful lyrics, stellar arrangement great instrumentation. kicking percussion ,very listenable and definitely a press play again song, well produced. Tripping on the tune. well done. the eYe

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