American Lesley JaneKeep Myself To Myself
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Wednesday, May 03, 2017 3:02:06 PM
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Wednesday, May 03, 2017 3:03:21 PM


Keep Myself To Myself

I tell you yes
You say no
I ask you why
You don't know

I'm not an ordinary man
Been through the mill and I got tanned
I'm one smart cookie making elf
I keep myself to myself

I know I've seen you around
We met once in the lost and found
I'm not a complicated soul
But your sophisticated goals
Have left me here sittin' on a shelf
I keep myself to myself

And if you wanna tell me so
I would love to hear from you now
Even though, I don't expect that you do
Have a thing you wanna say
Any game I see you play
It ends up cruel

But I am sunlight anyway
I shine so bright
You can't even find a single word to say!

~many cartoon cats and mice playing instruments, together, imagine that...

They watch me as I'm passing by
They don't say much and nor do I
I tip my hat and away I go
I make my own fun even so

And when the weekend has arrived
I'll be glad that I survived even though
You're not mine anymore
You cried and said you are my wife
Swore it on your very life
But now I know

To just have Faith
It'll be alright
Come around the night sky
Make it to the morning light

I hear the words you don't say
You kick yourself every day
I won't protest as you invest
You hear me S-O-S-O-S
My tears fall like pennies on the floor

Stood at the door and rang the bell
You weren't home it's just as well

I'll keep myself
I'll keep my self self self self
Self self self self self to myself

Copyright 2017 ~ American Lesley Jane

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