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Saturday, May 06, 2017 7:31:14 PM
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Saturday, May 06, 2017 7:34:28 PM
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Light My Fire


In memoriam, Mark Namgauds, 1957-2017

Recorded, in analogue, at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK, April 2017. The engineer, Jim Riley, got me three sod-off guitars to play, did the percussion, and provided what I think is a great mix. Apologies for my singing voice... even Jim could't rescue that.

A drummer I worked with for years, decades ago, and a friend from childhood. Annoyingly fit and active, he chose to drop dead on us without warning.
Mark My Words

Brian Booth, 2017

Now I may be a crap singer
But least, I’m not a ginger*
And the middle eight is in 5/4
Good luck with that…

We’re so pissed off that you went out of time
No more sharing chips**, wiping curry from our lips
Or the bus driver’s change tray – you should have said - oh you did say
No more drummer jokes
That’s all, folks

With you on the traps, it was ace
You made me play at least an adequate bass
Ta-ra, you selfish get
You weren’t supposed to go just yet



*[notes: in the UK, a person with red hair is called a ‘ginger’, to rhyme with ‘singer’ – two hard Gs
**’Chips’, here, are like US French fries – but bigger - not crisps.]

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Light My Fire
interestin', grand to hear from brian, an original IAC-er, recall his outstanding stations and reviews, and his stellar music, this one's dedicated to a friend...

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