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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 7:31:27 AM
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Eve does it again!


For Singer and Strings Ensemble
Composer: Yishai Knoll
Lyrics: Ehud Dor
Singer: Keren Avrashi
Strings: Vienna Symphony Library Ensemble
Recording: Bardo's Studios
Mixing: Noam Gingold; LFO Studio

By Ehud Dor Free Translation from Hebrew
Oh, my Penelope, your eyes have turned dull / Weave a dream on the loom. / The waves in the sea have become so high, / The sea has been raging again.
Your hands were weaving on the loom / Your back turned towards the sea, moving in the storm / And they yearned a soft plea: “May he just survive the storm’s end”.
Oh, my Penelope, Troy did collapse / Your man had revealed its secret, / The journey came to an end, / Where did he lose his way?
Suitors are standing on your threshold, their voices flattering, / Your house is broken open to strangers / No one stops them, no one is ashamed, / Another line of sadness is interlaced in the loom.
Oh, my Penelope, the apple of my eye, / Weave a dream on the loom / Weave the whole day, and when night falls / You shall be unraveling it all again.
Song Comments

Eve does it again!
Beautiful. Lush backing!

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