Bitter LemonI don't like Superheroes
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Saturday, September 09, 2017 4:06:01 PM
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:30:29 AM


Merseyside Pop

I just don't like Superheroes
I don't like Superheroes
I don't want a man who flies
I'm not too keen on tights and capes and superpower guys
I don't want men with super egos falling from the skies

I don't like Captain Marvel, I don't like Spider Man
I'm not too keen on Wolverine (or even Peter Pan)
I don't want no science fiction, I ain't a Sci-fi fan

No Superheroes, Superheros blow
No Alter egos.... No! No! No!

I don't like cartoon characters, I don't like comic books
I don't want fellas wearing masks when they transform their looks
With power tools and magic weapons, I think the genre sucks

Don't wanna live in a fortress, don't wanna live in a cave
Forget the crime laboratory, I ain't that kind of brave
Fighting evil's out of date, there's no one left to save

*** Plus the addition of named super heroes in the bridge
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